This proposal is the work of different personalities whose trajectories are linked to collectives dealing with transgender, post-porno, transhackfeminism, activist research, technological sovereignty, audiovisual production, transformation of spaces and performances.

We live, work and conspire together in Calafou, an ecoindustrial postcapitalist colony, a challenge started in july 2011. Calafou is an ambitious community project of varying complementary dimensions such as cooperative access to housing, ecoindustrial production and experimentation dealing with post-capitalism and social economies.

Taking into account this background, this concrete project sums up the desires of an informal working group located in Calafou to further research, experiment and develop strategies that reinforce our degree of individual and collective autonomy and that enable others to access, contribute and get empowered by those processes.

This is a meta-project that acts as a war machine in which the agencies between subjectivities and desires achieve social and political transformation in relation to our bodies and the spaces and networks that emerge from our interactions.

Concretely, we plan to reinforce research and experimentation dynamics already in development inside our hacking and fabrication laboratories developed literally upon the ruins of an obsolete patriarchal and capitalist industrial era.

As we develop new devices and practices that cover the physical, logistical and social needs that we are facing inside our community, we will document our work, test those in different settings through participative and performative processes, analyze the feed back in order to measure their impact and see how they can be improved and scaled.

We will produce and release the prototypes to be broadcast through our networks based on sharing and exchanging.
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