>Bio-hacking and permacultural design laboratories.

The work on bio-hacking aims to measure the levels of industrial pollution in the river and land around Calafou and how we can enable their recovery. Besides, we are also experimenting with energy generation from plant sources. We are also implementing permacultural principles as part of the functioning principles of the colony.

> Ergonomics for everyday life.

Designing, testing and building new infrastructure to interact with our digital and analogical tools. The workshops at Calafou cover over 1000 square meters of floorspace with a wide range of industrial machinery for wood, metal, textiles, plastics, electronics and glass, using on-site material resources wherever possible in the interests of economy.

> Gender, transhackfeminism and cyberfeminism technologies, everyday intimate technologies.

By activating processes driving new levels of interaction  between local networks that vary in their size, scope and intensity, we intend to develop and adapt the work developed by Micha Cardenas in her project "Autonets" (http://autonets.org/).

> Bodydata sovereignty.

Researching issues concerning the software used in physical devices and documenting how people that have to use them can really access their data and the source code interfacing their interaction with their body. Development of documentation and testimonials in order to raise awareness about the impact of these situations and alternate ways of proceeding.

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Ongoing projects to be activated:
polluted river Anoia
metabolic water/biopunk
freakabolic [at] riseup [dot] net